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 Statement of Faith
As a ministry of American Canyon Community Church, centered in our identity in Growing Healthy Church and ABC-USA, we at Noah’s Ark believe that all people are loved by God and that God desires a relationship with each of us.

Mission Statement
To provide for the families of our community the highest quality environment for the development of the whole child: academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.                        

School Philosophy
Noah’s Ark Christian School is a year round state licensed non-profit tuition based center for children.  We welcome the opportunity to be licensed and evaluated by the state so that we can ensure the highest possible standards.

We believe children are natural learners who seek to understand and explore the world around them.  We offer age and developmentally appropriate activities that will help foster learning and independence.

Our curriculum promotes literacy with pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Your child will experience art and music, and explore math and science concepts.  With the use of instructional aids such as computer tablets, listening and academic centers, your child will participate in an array of activities that will make learning fun.  Other activities include social skills and safety awareness groups.  These groups allow children to share and speak of their favorite items, and develop safety awareness skills.  Our staff is highly trained, motivated, and  use creative teaching strategies to help every child learn to the best of their ability.

Enrollment Qualifications
Children between the ages of 24 months through 6 years old, who are toilet trained and fulfill the state vaccination requirements are accepted.  Enrollment is without regard to race, creed, abilities, or national origin.

Because we want to be the very best children’s center in our community, our staff maintain all state required professional, health and safety training certifications. We are committed to personal growth and model life long learning by participating in workshops and classes offered by diverse early childhood education consortium and higher educational educational opportunities.

Our program is in compliance with kindergarten readiness programs required by both Napa and Solano school districts.

Contact us by phone at (707) 644-6465 or email us today to set up a walk through tour and to check on availability.

We’d love to meet you!